Independent mortgage advice from Schinveld and Amsterdam

A lot comes your way when buying a house and taking out a mortgage. At Team Concepts we are happy to take you by the hand to unburden you and to arrange your mortgage matters for you. This way you are guaranteed to get the mortgage that suits you best and you are assured of having the best deal. Contact our accredited advisors today for more information or to make a first appointment. 

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Expert guidance in taking out a mortgage

At Team Concepts we guide you throughout the entire purchase process, from inventory to going to see the notary. That way you are never alone.

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Independent mortgage advice

First we get to know you and your situation. We will visit you for a personal appointment - this can be during office hours, in the evening or on Saturday. We take note of your wishes and goals, then make calculations and provide you with appropriate advice. We also keep in regular contact with you, your bank and your civil law notary. And because we work in a completely independent manner, you are assured of the best mortgage for your situation.

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Good financial aftercare

If you do not want to be on your own after the initial purchase process, we offer excellent financial aftercare. We offer the possibility to arrange a service agreement or subscription, so that you can always have the experience and expertise of our recognized advisors available to you. Ask our advisors about the possibilities.