Independent mortgage advice 

for expats in Amsterdam

The Dutch housing market is competitive and prices are high. In fact, housing prices are on the rise. One of the biggest banks in the Netherlands predicts prices to increase by 5,5 percent in 2021 and by 2,5 percent in 2022. Learn more about the home buying process on this page.

How much can expats borrow?

The first step in buying a home is knowing what you can afford to borrow. An adviser can help you to assess what you can actually afford and what your maximum budget is.

Home bidding and purchasing

In order to purchase a house in Amsterdam, you’ll need to bid against others. Once your offer is accepted, then your mortgage adviser will help you to pick out a mortgage.

The mortgage application

There are many different lenders for mortgages in the Netherlands. Finding the best one for your situation is one of the things that your adviser helps you to take care of.


Using a Notary

A civil law notary is the only person that can transfer the ownership of a home in the Netherlands. There are many qualified and experienced notaries in Amsterdam and Team Concepts will help you select an excellent one.

A personal touch

From starting the process of buying a home to obtaining the keys, Team Concepts helps you throughout the entire process. We are an independent, full-service company that specializes in helping Internationals buy a home in the Netherlands. Get settled into your new home with us.