Independent mortgage advice

Arjen will work with you to determine what you can afford within your current financial situation and provide you advice from a variety of mortgage providers. He always has your best interest in mind.

Arjen works with providers such as ABN Amro, Florius, and Obvion, among others.


Arjen's work philosophy is based on the pillars of honesty, communication, and transparency. 


The average cost Arjen's services is around €2.495. For more information on what this entails, please read the service document below

What to expect

  1. Communication and documentation provided in English. Where documents are only available in Dutch, Arjen will provide you with a detailed explanation of what they entail.
  2. An honest discussion of the risks and benefits. Arjen's goal is to make sure that this process is a simple as possible. He will outline all the risks and benefits associated with taking out a mortgage and guide you through the decision-making process, where needed.
  3. Tailored advice. Everyone's financial situation is different. Arjen will make sure to take everything about your finances into account, including the 30% ruling where applicable.
  4. Written mortgage advice and contracts in English.
  5. A helping hand through to the finish line. Arjen is happy to be present with you at the notary's office when signing the official deed of transfer and mortgage deed, when circumstances allow.

Are you looking for mortgage advice? Send Arjen a message below.